About KGI

An information future for the common good

To connect independent research with technology policy and design





The internet and digital technologies have enabled the dramatic expansion of access to information and ideas, helped amplify millions of marginalized voices, and bolstered movements for justice around the world. But the technologies that once promised to usher in a new era of democracy are now also being used to spread disinformation, undermine social and institutional trust, and disenfranchise participants in the democratic process. Underlying this shift is the growing concentration of power over information production and distribution systems in the hands of a few corporate giants.

The Knight-Georgetown Institute (KGI) channels the insights, evidence, and brainpower from the research and public interest communities to form a collective response to these trends. Spanning social science, data science, computer science, journalism, economics, and law, KGI produces and synthesizes research results from across institutions and puts those results in the hands of policymakers and industry leaders in real time as they make critical decisions. KGI also acts as a convener, building relationships between leading academics and key decision-makers in policy and industry. 

Through research production, translation, synthesis, and convening, KGI creates a necessary defense against the increasingly closed and privatized systems mediating access to information today.